Goby – Pomatoschistus Microps & Minutus

Here is a go for a pretty common fish on our coast. You can see it on the bottom if you just starting to look for it. Also during nighttime they are pretty easy to spot.
This is a pray for our searun brown/seatrout , however i have never seen one in the stomach in a keept fish, (but i don´t keep/catch that much fish on the other hand….)
To be honest, i am not really sure exactly what Goby it is i see, if it is the one on sand or mud, but they look pretty much the same. so i guess it works for all.

I really like how this guy ties ( Nacho Heredero ), and he gave me some inspiration to this fly.
Perhaps i should choose more of bright color to the tail and fins, but i didn’t´t have any of that colour available at home and i like the contrast with dark and bright.
The fish probably don´t mind.
I also did the front part with lazerdub so it gives a small shimmer to the fly, i like the lazer dub when it is good portion of glitter in the mix.
In my attempt i did one with articulated tail and one without. But i think the articulated one is more closer to the real thing.

Hook – straight streamer hook 6/8 with a shank
Tail – Grizzly Marabou Brown (hareline)
Body- Hemmingways streamer fibre
Fins – Grizzly Marabou Brown (hareline) or on another one i chose Mallard Barred Flank in color brown. I think this is better choice actually.
Head – Senyo´s Lazer Dub Tan
3d eyes





Pomatoschistus minutus (Sandstubb) Some pretty distinct spots on the side of the fish. They grow to about 6cm (Microps) and 9 cm (Minutus). The spots are even more distinct/black on Microps (lerstubben).


The smaller version, but this probably goes for any small fish. Should have chosen a longer hook for this